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Offline Hazard Reporting Module for Aviation SMS Programs

Web-based hazard reporting for airport and airline safety management systems is great because you can report issues from any computer, IPad, Blackberry or IPhone, but there's one little catch: it's logically limited by your Internet connection. From public WiFi to smart-phones equipped with 3G, from mobile Internet cards to in-flight wireless on airplanes, Internet access is becoming more and more common and a required feature for aviation hazard reporting systems -- but there are still times when you can't access your hazard reporting database because of an unreliable or unavailable connection.

There are other areas, such as Northern Canada or Africa where bandwidth is very expensive and extremely unreliable.

NWDS has an application that fills those gaps: Offline SMS Pro™ hazard reporting. So even if you're offline, you can open your SMS Pro™ desktop application and submit an issue for you airport, airline, MRO aviation safety management system. When your Internet connection returns, the application will automatically detect the Internet connection and submit the issue to your hazard management database that is linked to SMS Pro's risk management system.

This offline SMS Pro™ hazard reporting tool is great for remote areas where your team has very limited bandwidth, such as dial-up or satellite connections. Instead of logging into SMS Pro's Web application, simply open up the incredibly fast desktop application and submit your issues.

SMS Pro™ Offline hazard reporting is generally faster even when you're connected to the Internet and reduces network traffic (especially useful across slower links). Furthermore, SMS Pro™ Offline also requires less effort by the user and less impact on productivity (not as much time spent waiting for database synchronizations to finish).


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