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Free Gap Analysis Checklist Tools for the SMS Team

SMS Pro™ free gap analysis tool has several reports for different stages of the gap analysis. For example, there are

  • Historical Gap Analysis Report (FAA,Transport Canada,Hybrid IS-BAO);
  •   Print-ability of Completed Gap Analysis Checklist Items;
  • Gap Analysis Charts for FAA,Transport Canada,Hybrid IS-BAO Gap Analysis Checklists; and
  • Summary Gap Analysis Report for the "In-Progress" Gap Analysis Team
The best web-based Gap Analysis tools have many reports that separate gap analysis elements.

Working on Gap Analysis as a Team

Aviation service providers' organizations may be simple or incredibly complex. Complex organizations have operations so vast that it is impossible for one person to possess all organizational knowledge. When aviation service providers have more than 100 employees, they may wish to assign SMS checklist elements to subject matter experts within the company. Each subject matter expert can access the gap analysis, but only one has the authority to "finish" the gap analysis.

A separate "Notes" tab is available to document team assignments, deadlines or any other documentation details necessary for future review.

Once the gap analysis has been "finished," it can no longer be edited. Only the finished gap analysis will appear in the main reports chart. To see the progress of a gap analysis before it is completed, one can select the "Summary Score" tab of the gap analysis. Each gap analysis element that has been "worked on" displays the average score of all the gap analysis checklist items for the respective element.

Gap Analysis Summary Reports are great for teams working on separate gap analysis elements.

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