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Conducting SMS Gap Analysis with Free Gap Analysis Checklist Template Tools

Three pre-defined gap analysis checklist templates are available using SMS Pro™ Free Gap Analysis Tool.

Aviation service providers who purchase the Custom Inspection/Audit Form Creator can customize their gap analysis checklists to suit their operations. For example, helicopter operators may find that some gap analysis checklist items do not apply to helicopter operations.

However, most questions do apply! The Hybrid Gap Analysis Checklist comes from compiling all aviation industry checklists and removing the duplicates. Southern California Safety Institute (SCSI) conducted this painstaking task and provided the Hybrid Gap Analysis Checklist for SMS Pro™.

SMS gap analysis helps management allocate resources to systematically comply with regulatory requirements while implementing their SMS program

SMS Gap Analysis Templates or Checklists

SMS Pro's free gap analysis checklist is broken out into "elements," whether the templated checklist is:

  • Hybrid Gap Analysis Checklist;
  • FAA Gap Analysis Checklist; or
  • Transport Canada Gap Analysis Checklist

While performing a gap analysis, you can submit deficiencies as "reported issues" that integrate into SMS Pro's Risk Management module, which is called the "Issue Manager." Reported issues can then be assigned to responsible managers who repair deficiencies using corrective/preventive actions (CPAs).

The screen shot below shows the Hybrid Gap Analysis loaded. Not that documentation remains in the SMS database software, but can be exported as a report.

Free Gap Analysis Tools are included in SMS Pro for Safety Gap Analysis using the FAA ICAO IS-BAO Gap Analysis Checklist items.

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