Job Description Template for Aviation Safety Manager


The safety manager is responsible for providing guidance and direction for the planning, implementation and operation of the organization’s safety management system (SMS). The safety manager reports direct to the accountable manager.

  • Safety advocate
    • Demonstrates an excellent safety behaviour and attitude, follows regulatory practices and rules, recognizes and Promotes hazard reporting and ensures effective safety reporting.
  • Leader
    • Models and promotes an organizational culture that fosters safety practices through effective leadership.
  • Communicator
    • Acts as an information conduit to bring safety issues to the attention of management and to deliver safety information to the organization’s staff, contractors and stakeholders.
    • Provides and articulates information regarding safety issues within the organization.
  • Developer
    • Assists in the continuous improvement of the hazard identification and safety risk assessment schemes and the organization’s SMS.
  • Relationship builder
    • Builds and maintains an excellent working relationship with the organization’s Safety Action Group (SAG) and within the safety services office (SSO).
  • Ambassador
    • Represents the organization on government, international organization and industry committees (e.g. ICAO, IATA, CAA, AIB, etc.).
  • Analyst
    • Analyses technical data for trends related to hazards, events and occurrences.
  • Process management
    • Effectively utilizes applicable processes and procedures to fulfill roles and responsibilities.
    • Investigates opportunities to increase the efficiency of processes.
    • Measures the effectiveness and seeks to continually improve the quality of processes.

3.1 The position requires the ability to cope with changing circumstances and situations with little supervision. The safety manager acts independently of other managers within the organization.

3.2 The safety manager is responsible for providing information and advice to senior management and to the Accountable Executive on matters relating to safe operations. Tact, diplomacy and a high degree of integrity are prerequisites.

  • The job requires flexibility because assignments may be undertaken with little or no notice and outside normal work hours.

The safety manager must interact with operational personnel, senior managers and departmental heads throughout the organization. The safety manager should also foster positive relationships with regulatory authorities, agencies and service providers outside the organization. Other contacts will be established at a working level as appropriate.


4.1 Safety Officer –

a) SMS Course or equivalent qualification

b) Proven experience in the Aviation environment

c) Proven knowledge of Aviation Legislation and ICAO Annexes

4.2 Safety Manager –

a) Proven exposure to Safety & QA

b) General management -Budgeting, HR and Project Management

c) SMS Course or equivalent qualification

d) Proven experience in the Aviation environment

e) Proven knowledge of Aviation Legislation and ICAO Annexes

The attributes -

a) broad operational knowledge and experience in the functions of the organization (e.g. training management, aircraft operations, air traffic management, aerodrome operations, and maintenance organization management);

b) sound knowledge of safety management principles and practices;

c) good written and verbal communication skills;

d) well-developed interpersonal skills;

e) ability to relate to all levels, both inside and outside the organization;

f) organizational ability;

g) ability to work unsupervised;

h) good analytical skills;

i) leadership skills and an authoritative approach; and

j) worthy of respect from peers and management


5.1 Regarding safety matters, the safety manager has direct access to the Accountable Executive and appropriate senior and middle management.

5.2 The safety manager is authorized to conduct safety audits, surveys and inspections of any aspect of the operation.

5.3 The safety manager has the authority to conduct investigations of internal safety events in accordance with the procedures specified in the safety management systems manual (SMSM) of the organization.

5.4 The safety manager has the authority to stop or prohibit any operation considered to be unsafe.

Job Description Template for Aviation Safety Manager

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