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Free SMS Gap Analysis Checklist Tools for Aviation

During Phase 1 of an SMS Implementation Plan, an SMS GAP Analysis discover shortfalls in aviation service providers' business processes or operations. The best SMS gap analysis is performed using checklists, such as SMS Pro's various gap analysis checklists adapted from various SMS guidance documents published in Canada, The United Kingdom and The United States.

Gap analysis checklists help aviation service providers answer:

  • Where are we?
  • Where do we want to be?

How to Use an SMS Gap Analysis

Results from an SMS GAP Analysis are used to focus efforts on improvement and develop the SMS Implementation Plan. After going through the SMS gap analysis checklist, one can compare characteristics of an aviation service provider's operations against "best practices" models. The best SMS gap analysis tool easily highlights areas where SMS requirements are not fully realized and helps safety managers create a road map for the SMS implementation plan.

Required changes discovered from the gap analysis indicate existing gaps between current operations and desired states. Gap analysis reports determine which areas are likely to be the most responsive to improvement with minimal efforts, and those SMS implementation activities that require longer terms to complete or more extensive resources. Safety Managers use the SMS gap analysis tool to focus on specific areas that would benefit most to the organization and to determine a priority for implementing the desired changes in the SMS implementation plan.

SMS Gap Analysis Help Demonstrate Continuous Improvement

SMS Pro™ Free Gap Analysis Tool Recommended Usage

  1. Conduct initial SMS gap analysis.
  2. Analyze where most improvement can be made with least effort and create SMS implementation plan
  3. Implement "minimal effort" or "low-hanging fruit" requirements within first six month to a year
  4. Perform another gap analysis using same SMS checklists
  5. Determine whether improvements have been made and modify SMS implementation plan as necessary
  6. Use SMS gap analysis charts & graphs to easily review progress and demonstrate continuous improvement
  7. Repeat SMS gap analysis on regular basis

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