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SMS Pro's hazard reporting software allows employees, customers or stakeholders to immediately report hazardous conditions or practices as they notice them. SMS Pro's customizable Web-based hazard reporting tools allows for prompt reporting and subsequent corrective/preventive actions without waiting for slow, ineffectual paper-based systems.

SMS Pro's hazard reporting system is an integrated issue reporting system that allows for the integration of the following management systems:

  • Safety;
  • Security;
  • Quality; and
  • Compliance.

After issues are reported, email notifications are conveniently sent to safety managers and the person reporting the issue also receives a "thank you" email. Emails contain links that take users to SMS Pro's Issue Manager, which has been considered one of the best online risk management software modules.

There are several ways for SMS Pro™ users to submit issues into the Web-based risk management database software, such as:

  • Pre-defined Web hazard reporting forms (secured, password protected);
  • Quick Reports (simple title, description and recommended corrective action)
  • Email;
  • Public hazard reporting forms (unsecured for customers to report hazards);
  • Paper-based hazard reports entered by data-entry personnel; and
  • Customized hazard reporting forms.
  • Offline Hazard Reporting Tool for bandwidth-challenged areas.

Free Web-Based SMS Safety Hazard Reporting Software Tools

SMS Pro™ offers a free Web-based hazard reporting system. This hazard reporting system is great for aviation service providers just starting their ICAO compliant SMS Implementation Plan. Hazard reporting is a reactive risk management strategy practiced in the early stages of an SMS implementation.

To learn more about SMS Pro's free online hazard reporting system for airports, biz jet operators, maintenance repair organizations, follow the link below.

Learn more about SMS Pro's free Web-based Hazard Reporting System


Aviation Hazard Reporting Systems

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Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.
Risk Management Solution
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Designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.
Safety-Quality Assurance
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Safety-Quality Assurance Solution allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.
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Unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules (> 70 as of Sept 2014).