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Configuring Aviation SMS Predefined Hazard Reporting Forms for SMS Pro Users

Hazard report details are important for aviation service providers to capture important information for managing aviation risk or operational quality. These aviation hazard report details are not only important for managing the current safety issue, but also for aggregating SMS reports and conducting future aviation SMS trend analysis reports.

SMS Pro™ comes with several predefined aviation-related SMS hazard reporting forms. Not every predefined reporting form is relevant, depending upon your type of operation. In this discussion, we show you how to manage the predefined hazard reporting forms that SMS Pro software users see when reporting aviation hazards using SMS Pro's Web-based hazard reporting tool.

SMS Pro™ is an integrated aviation business management software tool that can handle safety, security, quality or compliance issues.

Many SMS Pro™ operators use SMS Pro™ as both a safety and quality management system. As a safety manager, you should encourage employees to become actively engaged in improving the quality of your operations.

By default, all detailed, predefined hazard reporting forms in SMS Pro™ are safety related. Customized hazard reporting forms can be created specifically for your operations by request.

When SMS Pro™ users report safety issues, they can choose a hazard reporting form relevant to a specific functional category, such as:

  • Flight Safety;
  • Air Traffic Control;
  • Maintenance; or
  • Cabin Safety.

These report details are important because they appear in other parts of the program. For example, in Issue Manager, Safety Managers can quickly email aviation safety hazard report details to designated regulatory authorities or to external systems.

Since not all report types are relevant to your organization, the SMS Admin can easily choose which report types to display.

In Setup >> Customize Settings, select the Issue Report Types tab.

You will see very detailed instructions on this page.

Scroll down to the list of "Report Types to Show."

Select a report type and click the right arrow or left arrow depending upon whether you wish to hide or display this report type to your users.

If you need customized hazard reporting forms with special details to capture, we can create them for you and integrate them into the SMS Pro™ hazard reporting database software solution.

A Custom Hazard Reporting Form Creator module is also available in SMS Pro™ that allows an SMS Admin to create their own custom Web-based reporting forms without IT support. This module is for larger organizations with larger safety budgets and who have full time safety managers and for companies with very special reporting requirements.

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