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Four Pillars of Aviation Safety Management

Civil Aviation Authorities around the world are structuring their aviation SMS requirements around the ICAO document 9859. ICAO Document 9859 has strongly influenced the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and others to develop an SMS framework based on the following four elements or "pillars":

  1. Safety Policy
  2. Safety Risk Management
  3. Safety Assurance
  4. Safety Promotion

The best aviation SMS database software programs follow these four well-known pillars. Every safety management system database must strive to provide tools to save safety managers time and money. Whether your aviation hazard database starts with a simple hazard reporting tool, or a very sophisticated aviation risk assessment database program, you still need to ensure your program addresses these four pillars.

Safety Policy Defines SMS Structure

Aviation safety & risk management systems must define policies, procedures, and organizational structures to accomplish goals that ensure continued safety. Safety Policy requirements define Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships that are outlined in policies and procedures. Policies must be translated into procedures and organizational controls must be implemented ensuring these policies are practiced and enforced. In short, aviation service providers develop, document, and maintain procedures to carry out safety policies and objectives.

SMS Pro has very good Web-based tools to help organizations construct, document and communicate these requirements. These tools include:

  • Policy Manager
  • Duties & Requirements of Key Safety Personnel
  • Version Controlled Document Manager
  • Applicable Regulations (User-Managed)
  • Organizational Chart
  • SMS Manuals Creator / Editor

The Safety Policy element also requires organizations to ensure that employees understand their roles with the SMS program. SMS Pro™ has an SMS Induction Manager module that assists managers to document and communicate these requirements.

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