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ICAO SMS Implementation Plan Requirements

  1. Service provider shall, as part of the SMS documentation, develop, adhere to and maintain SMS implementation plans.
  2. SMS implementation plans shall define the approach organizations adopt for managing safety in a manner that meets organizational safety objectives.
  3. SMS implementation plans shall explicitly address the coordination between the SMS of service providers and the SMS of other organizations the service provider must interface with during the provision of services.
  4. SMS implementation plan shall include the following: -- relevant SMS Pro™ modules in parenthesis
    • Safety policy and objectives (SMS Pro™ Policy Manager);
    • System description (SMS Pro™ Document Manager or free-text module);
    • Gap analysis (SMS Pro™ gap analysis module);
    • SMS components;
    • Safety roles and responsibilities (SMS Pro™ Duties & Requirements of Key Safety Personnel module);
    • Hazard reporting policy (SMS Pro™ Policy Manager);
    • Means of employee involvement (SMS Pro™ Surveys, Newsletters, General Issue Viewer, Lessons Learned and more);
    • Safety performance measurement (SMS Pro™ Performance Monitor, Risk Exposure & other charting tools);
    • Safety training (SMS Pro™ Induction module and/or Qualifications & Training module);
    • Safety communication (SMS Pro™ Newsletters, Surveys & Must Acknowledge modules); and
    • Management review of safety performance (SMS Pro™ Performance Monitor and Dashboard modules).
  5. SMS implementation plan shall be endorsed by senior management.
ICAO SMS Implementation Plan Requirement

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