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Basic SMS Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management Using SMS Pro™

This Web-based SMS database version is best for very small operators, such as airports, air traffic control and biz-jet operators with fewer than 20 employees. Operators choosing this SMS version have limited budgets and are in the beginning stages of their SMS implementation.

This "Basic SMS Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management" version contains three modules to get you started immediately.

All users engage in hazard reporting to your database online. Web-based interaction affords accessibility.Issue Reporter (Submit Hazards/Issues)

  • Predefined Reports
  • Quick Report
  • Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Manage reported issues in SMS Pro risk management workflow. Conduct risk assessments, classify issues, conduct investigations.Issue Manager (Risk Management)

  • Perform Risk Assessments (Initial, Residual, Closing, Review)
  • Classify Issues
  • Manage Corrective/Preventive Actions
  • Track Costs
  • Conduct Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Business Case Tool
  • Attachments
  • Investigations

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Perhaps the most important tool in beginning your SMS Program. Automatically creates reports to monitor continuous improvement.Gap Analysis Tool

  • Conduct Gap Analysis
  • History with Paper-Based Reports
  • Chart Reports for Monitoring Continuous Improvement

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Add two additional modules and get your SMS Implementation Plan Manager free.

Easily monitor the progress of your SMS Program. Communicate to management the status of your SMS implementation progress.SMS Implementation Plan Manager (with ICAO, FAA, Transport Canada templates)

  • Review & Learn SMS Requirements
  • Develop / Monitor / Document Your SMS Implementation Plan
  • Track Progress
  • Communicate Progress to Stakeholders

About SMS Hazard Reporting & Systems

During Phase 1 of the SMS implementation plan, top management undertakes the commitment to identifying and removing or controlling hazards. Effective hazard reporting systems are worker-oriented processes because employees are in the best position to identify safety hazards in the workplace. One of the most effective methods of identifying and relaying hazards in everyday operations is having a formal hazard reporting system. The best hazard reporting systems have many elements.

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SMS Risk Management Strategies

Risk management helps aviation service providers succeed while avoiding hazards. Risk management strategies cover more than balancing risks and always keeping an eye on financial gains. Furthermore, risk management strategies go beyond regulatory compliance. Risk management starts with identifying accountable managers, procedures and polices and embedding risk management into everyday business processes at all levels of the organization.

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About ICAO Compliant SMS Planning Requirements

During Phase I of an SMS implementation, aviation service providers design a framework to satisfy civil aviation authorities' SMS requirements, such as those mandated by ICAO, FAA, EASA or Transport Canada.

During the SMS planning phase, top management must ensure these requirements are integrated into everyday business processes and work activities. There are several tasks in Phase 1 and Phase 2 that can be managed simultaneously.

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Basic Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management

Aviation SMS Products

Hazard Reporting Solution
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Hazard Reporting Solution offers incredible savings for thrifty companies needing high-quality aviation SMS software.
Risk Management Solution
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Designed for operators with limited SMS budgets using simple user-friendly Web-based SMS tools.
Safety-Quality Assurance
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Safety-Quality Assurance Solution allows operators to advance their ICOA SMS implementations to the top level.
Enterprise Solution
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Unlimited file storage space for SMS activities and access to ALL SMS Pro modules (> 70 as of Sept 2014).