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Proactive & Reactive Safety Management Using SMS Pro™

This Web-based SMS database version is designed for aviation service providers with a full-time safety manager. Biz jet operators typically do not take the time to undergo extensive proactive hazard analysis exercises.

Operators choosing this proactive and reactive version have larger budgets and have a vision of mining data to improve operations. Data really starts contributing to the bottom line after one year of hazard reporting, assessing risks and classifying reported hazards.

SMS Pro's "Proactive & Reactive Safety Management System" builds on the three default modules that come with the "Basic SMS Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management" version.

Included are these three basic SMS Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management modules.

  • Issue Reporting Module
  • Issue Manager (Risk Management)
  • Gap Analysis Tool

Also included are:

Associate reported issues in SMS Pro risk management workflow to identified hazards. Proactive hazard analysis tools allow aviation service providers to identify hazards, associate risks and list control measures.Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool

  • Identify Hazards
  • List Risks (Initial & Residual Risk Assessments)
  • Define Control & Recovery Measures
  • Assign Responsible Parties
  • Manage Review Cycles
  • Facilitates Safety Case

SMS Pro hazard and risk registry allows operators to risk rank hazardsHazard & Risk Registry

  • Rank Hazards (Subjective)
  • Rank Risks per Initial & Residual Risk Priority
  • Easily Review Controls

Monitor your organization's risk exposure on a continuous basis.Risk Exposure

  • Compare Risk Exposure Over Time (Chart)
  • Compare Risk Month by Month (Table View)

Trending charts are important to manage hazards within an aviation organization, such as an airport, airline, fbo.Trending Charts

  • View Across Divisions or Entire Company
  • Type of Issues Trends
  • Root Cause Trends
  • Business Process Trends
  • By Safety, Security, Quality or Compliance

Free Aviation Safety Management System Software

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Add two additional modules and get your Predictive Analysis module free.

Great for board meetings to show rate of change. Easily monitor the progress of your aviation safety activities. Communicate to management the status of your expected risk.SMS Predictive Analysis (for advanced SMS reporting)

  • View Rate of Change for Types of Safety Issues
  • Predict Future Events to See Estimated Rate of Change
  • Review SMS Issue Types, Root Causes or Types of Business Processes Affected
  • Communicate Risk to Safety Committees

Proactive & Reactive Risk Management Strategies for Aviation SMS Implementations

Risk management helps aviation service providers succeed while avoiding hazards. Risk management strategies cover more than balancing risks and always keeping an eye on financial gains. Furthermore, risk management strategies go beyond regulatory compliance. Risk management starts with identifying accountable managers, procedures and polices and embedding risk management into everyday business processes at all levels of the organization. Risk management typically starts with reactive approaches and as your SMS matures, moves gradually into proactive risk management strategies. Read more how to implement risk management strategies into your company.

Proactive & Reactive Safety Management

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