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Hazard Reporting Policy Statement Example

Type of Issues to Report:

Please report all issues that you feel compromise safety. Even small issues, if reported and corrected, may prevent someone from getting hurt. There are four broad areas regarding aviation safety; Ground Safety, Flight Safety, Aircraft Airworthiness, and Security.

Ground Safety:
Please report any issue which, if left uncorrected, may lead to an injury to personel or damage to assets.

Flight Safety:
Please report any issue which, if left uncorrected, may compromise the safety of flight.

Aircraft Airworthiness:
Please report any issue which, if left uncorrected, may compromise the airworthiness of company owned aircraft. (The company has a process in place for routine and unscheduled maintenance.) Issues reported may include maintenance technician fatigue, poor workmanship, lack of technical abilities, etc.

Please report any physical or flight security related issue which may either compromise access to company owned aircraft or facilities.

What Happens When you Submit an Electronic Report:

When you submit a report online, several things happen:

  1. You will recieve an email thanking you for submitting the issue. There will be an hyperlink in the email that will let you see your issue.
  2. The Aviation Leadership Team will each recieve an email notifying them that an issue has been submitted.
  3. The Safety Specialist will classify the issue which includes determination of risk and selection of Responsible Manager. The specialist will also formulate a recommendation.
  4. The Responsible Manager will get an email with notification that the issue has been assigned to him/her. The Responsible Manager will set corrective action plans.
  5. The issues now can be tracked and trended.

Some Nice Features:

Anonymous Reporting

You can submit reports anonymously. Just check the "Anonymous" box at the beginning of the wizard. There are really two levels of anonymity:

  1. When you login, the web-application recognizes you. When you check the anonymous box, the program blocks anyone else from knowing who you are. When you submit an anonymous report using the program, you can view the status of your anonymous issue when you login.
  2. The second level is to submit an anonymous paper report. Your report will be entered into the system, but there is no way for you to monitor the status of your issue.

Track Your Issues

Whenever you log into the system, "Manage Issues", then "RiskManager". The application will show a list of all the issues you have submitted and the status of each. This is also true for anonymous reports submitted by you.

Hazard Reporting Policy

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