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Effective SMS programs also save airports money. Every ICAO compliant airport SMS program must satisfy the same requirements as for other operators, such as:

Airport safety management systems require the best aviation SMS database software tools.
  • Air Traffic Control;
  • Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs) & FBOs;
  • Airlines;
  • Helicopter operators; and
  • Medical transport operators.

Expert SMS database systems are required for proper airport risk management. The best SMS database options are Web-enabled that allow stakeholders easy access to an integrated aviation safety reporting system that is connected to the aviation SMS program at the airport.

When designing your aviation SMS program at your airport, airport data management must remain in the foreground. Too many airports have made mistakes implementing their aviation SMS program based on paper or weak airport safety management software. When they could have chosen a cost-effective SMS solution in one system, they had chosen four or five distinct systems that don't integrate well. For example, paper reports, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and MS Access databases make up many dysfunctional SMS programs for airports.

Good airport SMS solutions allow airport safety checklists to be integrated into the risk management system. For example, consider an IPod or IPad user conducting the daily or weekly airport safety inspection using checklists from your airport's safety management system. Results are fed immediately into the risk management system for safety managers to perform risk assessments, classify issues, assign corrective and preventive actions.

Today's modern Web and database airport safety management systems save airports time and money. The better database solutions provide online risk management training to manage the airport's SMS program. This may be in the form of videos or help files built into the SMS database solution.

Consider SMS Pro™ for your airport SMS software solution.  SMS Pro was designed for ICAO compliant SMS programs.

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Best Aviation SMS Hazard Reporting Safety Management System Database Software Tools for Airports, Airlines, Biz Jets, Maintenance with SMS Checklists for ICAO, Transport Canada, FAA, EASA compliance
SMS Pro™ Versions

Basic hazard reporting database software and SMS risk management database. Basic SMS Planning, Hazard Reporting & Risk Management
(ICAO SMS Phases 1 & 2)

Basic hazard reporting database software and SMS risk management database. Proactive & Reactive Safety Management System
(ICAO SMS Phases 1, 2 & 3)

Advanced hazard reporting database software tools, proactive hazard analysis and SMS risk management database. Safety Promotion,Safety assurance. Complete Aviation Safety Management System
(ICAO SMS Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4)