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Reactive Safety Management Processes (ICAO Phase 2)

Aviation service providers can work on several SMS implementation tasks simultaneously. For example, safety managers can be working on ICAO's Phase 1 SMS Implementation tasks while also implementing Phase 2 tasks.

Phase 2 tasks implement essential safety management processes. Deficiencies of existing safety management processes discovered during the gap analysis from Phase 1 will also be focused on. Correcting potential deficiencies identified during the gap analysis may take considerable time, from many months to years. Most operators already have many basic safety management activities in place, or may be at different stages of implementation. Other operators may have great safety management systems "on paper," but with substandard degrees of effectiveness.

Existing safety management activities from established operators typically derive from:

  • Inspections;
  • Audits reports;
  • Analysis of information from accident reports;
  • Incident investigations; and
  • Reported issues by employees.

ICAO's Phase 2 focuses on solidifying/repairing/strengthening existing safety processes, and developing those which do not exist yet. During this phase, aviation service providers are not looking ahead and analyzing data to detect future events; therefore Phase 2 is the "reactive phase" of an SMS implementation.

Aviation SMS Hazard Reporting as an Initial Data Collection Activity

Many safety consultants may believe operators are ready to perform safety analyses based on information obtained through reactive methods of safety data collection during the latter stages of Phase 1. However, the layman may believe this is not logically possible because reactive risk management processes are not developed until the beginning of Phase 2. We urge you to remember that operators should work on SMS implementation tasks in a staggered consecutive approach and not the sequential style.

Visualizing an SMS implementation plan's progress can be difficult unless one possesses tools like sophisticated project planning software. SMS Pro has a very user-friendly SMS Implementation Plan Manager that allows managers to easily see the status of activities within each phase. Furthermore, auditors and/or mentors can review the operators SMS implementation progress and leave comments or notes that serve as great documentation.

In conclusion, ICAO SMS Implementation tasks that are to be completed in Phase 2 include:

  • Implement reactive risk management processes
  • Deliver training relevant to reactive risk management processes
  • Maintain documentation relevant to reactive risk management
  • Maintain means for safety communication

Hazard reporting can be considered as part of Phase 1 (developing & establishing means for safety communication). Risk management processes are not practiced until Phase 2. In short, aviation service providers need a means to not only report issues, but to formally conduct:

  • Risk Assessments;
  • Classify Reported Issues;
  • Manage Corrective/Preventive Actions;
  • Conduct Investigations; and
  • Communicate Findings/Lessons Learned.

SMS Pro™ has very robust and user-friendly SMS tools to manage ICAO SMS Phase 2 implementation requirements, as well as the other SMS implementation phases. When you use SMS Pro™ to its full potential, your organization will fully comply with ICAO SMS requirements.

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