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Proactive & Predictive Safety Management Processes (ICAO SMS Phase 3)

Proactive safety management remains one of the tenants of Phase 3 in ICAO's SMS implementation plan. Proactive managers focus on a more open and engaging management style that includes gathering information from all departments or managers before making decisions. Proactive safety management creates a strong learning environment for employees to keep them motivated and engaged in the safety process.

Proactive safety management focuses on breaking down systems and business processes to discover flaws and implement controls before events occur or latent conditions become aggravated.

Goal setting and establishing concrete objectives is an important part of proactive safety management. Safety goals and objectives provide strong focus for team members to complete tasks.

Near the end of Phase II of ICAO's Implementation Plan, aviation service providers should be ready to perform coordinated safety analyses based on information obtained through reactive, proactive and predictive methods of safety data collection. Data will come from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Inspections;
  • Audits reports;
  • Analysis of information from accident reports;
  • Incident investigations;
  • Reported issues by employees;
  • Compiled reports from formal risk management processes.

Regulatory Agencies Require Proactive Safety Management for Aviation SMS Implementations

When Phase 3 of ICAO's Implementation Plan has been completed, your civil aviation oversight authority should be able to finalize these following activities:

  • Implement proactive and predictive risk management processes
  • Deliver training relevant to proactive and predictive risk management processes
  • Maintain documentation relevant to proactive and predictive risk management processes
  • Maintain means for safety communication.
ICAO SMS Phase 3

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